Welcome to Compact Habitat where you can discover a great deal of ways in which to make your home feel bigger and more spacious while feeling warm, cozy and welcoming even when it's very small.

There are many ways of internally designing the way your place looks to make the most of the furnishings you already have while giving you ideas for space saving alternatives that can really increase your available floor space and make the place feel much bigger than it really is.

The purpose of this site is to provide visitors with the ideas they need to improve the way they use their limited living space while offering suggestions and recommendations for great items of furniture, storage and appliances that are specially designed to maximize compact living space and make the place feel big yet comfortable.

hayley compact habitatThe site's main contributor Hayley (picture right) has many years experience designing and refurbishing small apartments and homes so they look and feel comfortable, welcoming and clutter-free. She can now pass on that experience and knowledge to visitors of this website for free and with no obligation.

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