While we don't spend as much time in there as other rooms in the house, the bathroom should be a clean, inviting and comfortable facility functioning as both a place to answer the call of nature and to spend quality time bathing, showering or just generally cleaning up after ourselves.

To that end, it is an important space that we ought to make sure we have spent time and effort into making it as perfect for our needs as possible.

Since we're focused on the more compact variety of home, it generally follows that he "smallest room in the house" is often smaller than the norm.

That can make things a little difficult when we want to have a big room feel but do our best to tastefully and practically cram all the features we want into a smaller than average space.

Small Can Still Be Beautiful

bathroomLuckily, there are ample retail outlets that supply scaled down furniture and accessories to enable us to fit a lot of functionality into a smaller space while maintaining that all-important warm and welcoming feel that helps us to feel we want to use it.

There are plenty of examples of very comfortable and tastefully decorated, fully functional bathrooms we can take our ideas from in catalogues and brochures from the major hardware stores.

Some apartments are smaller than we'd like them to be and as such only have space for a "shower room" as opposed to a fully fitted bathroom complete with bath. Yet they still manage to convey that feeling of welcome that makes us feel more like using them and not shunning them as some of the cold, dank and neglected places that still exist in some homes.

Creating a Beautifully Small Bathroom

If you are starting from scratch with a basically empty room with bare boards and plaster walls and are wondering just what to do and where to start, I have produced some detailed articles that can help you design and construct an amazing bathroom in that small space.

It can be as lush and complete as you want it with only your imagination to limit what you can achieve in there.

It might look small, but with the right color scheme, lighting, furnishings and layout, you can create an amazingly "big" feeling facility despite the limitations on physical space. Even if it means omitting the bath, which is after all a rather large and space hogging item to be replaced with a nice shower stall, space when at a premium can still be made the most of.

Let's Get Busy

Ending up with an amazing facility starts with ideas and plans.

The planning stage should take in as many ideas as you can come up with to make every square inch count because when everything goes in and you're putting the finishing touches on, you'll be glad for every extra square of floor space you managed to free up while still having all the cupboards and storage along with the essentials that are easily accessible and usable.

Rather than start explaining all the ins and outs of creating or remodeling in this heading page for this section of the website, I will subdivide certain aspects into separate articles that appear in the list below this paragraph for your convenience.

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Posted: October 8, 2023

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