Smallest Bathroom Vanity Sink Combos

Upgrade your small bathroom and save big with the smallest bathroom vanity sink in the style you want!

On review are some of the best high quality vanities and sink combos, as small as 16in wide that are available to buy online today: I feature a list of the top brand units that squeeze into the tiniest spaces!

smallest bathroom vanityA new vanity unit will refresh your bathroom no matter how small it is by making it appear much larger as well as appearing more modern and aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

You can spruce up your compact bathroom at the same time as adding some extra storage.

The Best Smallest Vanities

There are a lot of different models to choose from and several stores have them in stock online at a variety of different prices.

While the main purpose of this article is to provide you with a list of the smallest vanities, I don't want to recommend any that are obviously poorly made or cheap looking and are accompanied by a lot of bad customer reviews.

For this reason, I've chosen to only feature the units that are of good qulity and have good buyer reviews. My favorites are below:

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Fine Fixtures Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Sink White (PE1612W) New Petit Vanity

smallest bathroom vanity
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This good quality unit was one of the smallest that also came with 98% five star ratings from Amazon verified customers. That's a huge plus when you're looking for a unit to fit into a small room during a remodel or to replace a larger unit that gets in the way.

It's also my top pick of the products I came across during my search.

The product comes with sink and cabinet and is READY ASSEMBLED but there is no faucet, which you'll need to buy separately. But that gives you a better choice and a chance to get a great looking faucet to match the unit. So how small is it?

The vanity unit measures 16 1/2in wide x 11in deep x 32 5/8in high.

The sink unit measures 17 7/8in wide x 15in deep x 6 1/8in high.

As the sink sits recessed into the vanity, the total height of the finished combo unit is 34 1/4in.

The unit stands freely on the floor and screws into the wall where it sits flush, making it secure and immovable under normal use. The sink is smooth china, also white.

This is a really good looking unit that will blend in to most small bathroom designs, enhancing the style while providing a completely functional sink and storage unit that you're sure to fall in love with!

Space-Saving Vanity Ideas

Smaller bathrooms generally present storage, decorating and even design challenges that can all be surmounted by smart thinking and making use of some of the tips of the trade. Here are some cool ideas you might find useful:

Bathrooms are typically small rooms, making the vanity unit become the main focus by default. It pays to invest in the best quality and best fitting unit you can afford to make your room feel balanced and welcoming as well as looking stylish and professionally designed.

Did you know that placing a vanity in an otherwise vacant corner will take advantage of every inch of available floor space? It also allows for greater storage options on two of the walls.

Here's another tip: Install a recessed cabinet into a sidewall. It's a clever way to capture space that is often overlooked. Another clever tip is offsetting the sink in the vanity that creates a larger area of useful, open counter space!

Posted: October 8, 2023

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