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Even small homes need to me maintained on a regular basis by the owner and that means you need the right home repair tools to do the jobs safely, properly and thoroughly.

The variety of tasks that can be undertaken by any handyman means that a pretty comprehensive selection of tools and equipment is needed to do a good job in safety and comfort.

home repair toolsThis part of the website has been put together to cover all kinds of different tools, equipment and accessories that a homeowner might need to do those small and sometimes not so small jobs around the house.

Let's take a look at some of the things that are commonly used or needed:


How often have you needed to access a high shelf or change a light bulb and risked a serious accident by standing on a shaky chair or small coffee table to reach it?

In all these instances, a sturdy step ladder would make the task much easier while adding an important level of security to help prevent accidents and make the job easier, quicker and safer.

Ladders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights, so it can be useful to own a small selection of these useful stepping aids from simple one step platforms to low reach three step models right up to six to eight foot high steps for reaching the highest points in most rooms.

Power Tools

power tools drillWhat handyman doesn't own an electric drill or even an electric screwdriver?

Power tools are great time and labor-saving devices that help to get certain jobs done faster and more professionally when called for.

Powered drills, sanders, saws, screwdrivers and garden tools are top of most people's list of tools to have, but locating the right one for your needs is not always the easiest thing when you're searching around online for that certain model, size or power rating. Part of the service I provide in this part of the site is in helping you to find the right tool for the job to save you spending hours pouring over page after page of sales info from a variety of popular stores.

Hand Tools

Despite the attraction and convenience of powered tools, many handymen and women still prefer to use good old fashioned hand tools to do some jobs.

This is most common where it is simpler and quicker to grab a small, lightweight and easy-to-use tool to do a quick job rather than mess around getting a larger, heavier and more complex powered version out of its box, plug it tin and then put it all away again after you've used it for a second or two.

The most commonly used hand tools include screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, spanners, pliers, pullers, wire cutters, chisels, knives, tape measures and brushes.

Painting and Decorating

Decorating or redecorating is a common job done to homes by the owner and that generally involves using a selection of necessary tools to make the job easier and quicker.

There are some commonly used tools and some not so commonly used ones, but everybody has their favorites and preferences on how they do the jobs they are capable of doing.

Aside from the obvious need for a ladder to reach those high places, the common tools used are paint brushes, paint mixers (powered or hand held) paint rollers, wallpapering tools such as brushes, paste spreaders, smoothers and rollers. For wood painting or varnishing, specialized tools are needed such as brushes, small rollers, sandpaper, sanding blocks or electric sanders and cleaning equipment to clean up after you're done.


Not all homes have the luxury of a garden. But for those that do, there are always plenty of jobs to be done to keep it looking nice and maintain the stock of flowers and ornamental plants as well as the lawn that all go to making your garden a place you want to spend quality time enjoying.

There are some commonly used power tools that make life easier, such as lawn mowers, trimmers (brush cutters), hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. Hand tools include pruners and secateurs, larger (long handle) branch loppers, digging and cultivating tools such as a spade, fork, hoe and rake and smaller cultivation tools such as a hand trowel, hand fork and dibber (for planting seeds), for example.

All in all, there are numerous tasks that need to be done around the house and garden or yard that require tools to make the jobs easier and in some cases even possible! Check the articles listed below for in-depth information on individual tools and accessories that can help you to maintain your home in beautiful condition with a little work and a lot of satisfaction!

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Posted: October 8, 2023

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