Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If there is one room in a home that will really benefit from a refit or a complete remodel is the humble kitchen.

A small one needs special attention and that's what I'll be imparting in this article designed to give you the tips and useful ideas you need to create an amazing working space despite its limited dimensions.

Most glossy brochures and home-oriented websites tend to focus on remodeling larger, better spaced out kitchens.

This is great if you already have a large kitchen that can easily be adapted to the fitting of the kinds of furniture and appliances that are designed for the larger space, but what if you have a small kitchen?

Small Kitchen Remodeling IdeasWell, there are going to be some compromises you will have to make to compensate for the reduced space you have to work with. But you can still create a highly versatile and stylish kitchen that is remodeled with suitable furniture, storage space, appliances and accessories.

Finding Suitable Professionals

There are several good kitchen remodeling companies that can be contacted to do the work for you at varying prices according to many factors from the kind of fittings you want to the difficulty in designing, planning and fitting everything into the space you have available.

But if you plan on doing the work or at least part of the work yourself, it helps to have an understanding of what is involved as well as to get some handy ideas and tips for remodeling that small kitchen and to set you on the right path.

With a smaller kitchen space, there are several problems that can become compounded because of the limited space which not only has to accommodate the usual kitchen items but also has to look spacious and elegant as well. Part of the task means including all the elements of function, comfort and fabulous kitchen designs which can turn out to be a tricky balancing act with the space available.

However, with small kitchens that you often find in tiny apartments or modern, new built homes will, after some remodeling be a real delight to work and cook in.

Ideas for Transforming a Small Kitchen

While definitions of what constitutes a small kitchen may vary based on the actual physical location and the type of house, in general a kitchen space that has below 120 sq ft is considered relatively small.

Small apartments and modern, small homes tend to have single or double galley shaped kitchens, or even open plan types that are tacked onto one end of the main living space.

Before you begin with your own transformation plans, you will need to consider your budget. This is really essential, as if you are restricted by a tight budget, you could end up with a poorly determined plan.

That may cause you to create a kitchen space that suffers from reduced storage space, ill-designed or poor lighting and less kitchen countertop work top area for preparing food. Having worked out your budget, try these tips and ideas to get started with.

Small Size Kitchen Layout

The overall layout of your kitchen is probably the most important feature in the overall project. One good idea is in incorporating the triangular working model.

This layout allows items like the stove, refrigerator and sink to be situated in such a way so that the user has to take as few steps as possible while working in their kitchen.

This may include the placement of an island or even a butcher block to provide extra storage with more preparation space. Along with the layout it is worth keeping in mind the positions of any ventilation points as well as the lighting fixtures.

Small Kitchen Storage Solutions

The easiest formula to work into the design for a small sized kitchen that will work well is efficient and workable space for the running and organization of all culinary tasks that you will undertake in the kitchen.

Part of that means reducing any clutter that may take up valuable space on countertops while maximizing kitchen cabinets and shelf space to keep necessities and often used utensils.

Small spaces really benefit from double stacked kitchen storage cabinets. That is all the more especially those which use whatever vertical space is available to its maximum value.

Instead of using large cabinets in which large areas of the storage space in the units remain unused, choose rotating shelves, or pull out drawers with shelf inserts to really get the most from the limited space available.

Built In Kitchen Storage

Countertops should be kept as free as possible. In order to do that, it makes a lot of sense to design in inbuilt spaces, especially for such items as microwaves, ovens and hobs or even the refrigerator.

Food mixers, toasters and the like can be stored away in sliding shelves that are waist high so that they are out of the way but easily accessible when you need to use them. This is another clever way to make the kitchen appear less cluttered and provide more of that free countertop space.

Installing a Pantry Cabinet

One of the best of all ideas is making good use of pantry cabinets. These cabinets can be installed to stretch right up to the ceiling and allow you to store away seldom used objects in these out of the way but still accessible spaces.

Kitchen Décor

The overall décor of the kitchen should encompass ideas that ensure the space appears functional while looking as spacious as possible.

Lighting and the color of the walls, floor and ceiling all go together to either enhance or restrict this aspect of the small kitchen. Cabinet doors and the color of the appliances also have an additional effect on this so attention should be given to these as well.

Both artificial and natural lighting (windows) contribute to the illusion of a larger kitchen than is the reality. Under-cabinet lighting, mirrors and small wall scones as well as even chandeliers can all provide a sense of space in the finished kitchen.

The color schemes should be complimentary with neutral colors for the walls and lighter cabinet doors where possible, although even darker cabinets can enhance a small kitchen when the walls are a light color and are complimented with aesthetic lighting. Cabinets in white or pale colors will naturally enhance the space.

Believe it or not, larger sized tiles that are plain and light colored can actually make a small kitchen appear larger too.

All in all, it is essential to keep your small kitchen design modern as well as practical. As long as you remember that the best of all concepts for remodeling a kitchen of limited space is that less is more!

As long as you keep the emphasis on space and accessibility to the forefront of your design plan, you will end up with a truly great kitchen that you will be proud to use and never grow tired of.

Posted: October 8, 2023

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