Smallest Refrigerator with Freezer for a Small Kitchen

When limited space is a problem in your kitchen, having the smallest refrigerator with a freezer that has enough capacity for your needs is important for maximizing the floor area available.

There are several great compact fridges in this class that I can recommend you take a closer look at if you're considering changing yours anytime soon.

Those of us who live in smaller than average dwellings are quite aware of the limitations of a small kitchen. But when the space is used intelligently, it is possible to get a surprising amount of useful functionality out of a small space!

When it comes to choosing a new refrigerator to fit into a pretty small space, the well-used term "small is beautiful" can be about as true as it gets. The problem is that most stores tend to promote their biggest, flashiest, most feature-packed fridges that cost the most and take up the most space.

Where to Find the Smallest Fridge for Your Compact Kitchen

The good news is that there are some pretty good online retail stores that do stock small refrigerators that are perfect for squeezing into that precious gap between kitchen units or into that carefully chosen cornerthat was just made for keeping your cold stuff, well, cold!

The main problem I found (and I'm sure you find it too) is that most online stores don't tell you which models are the smallest or most compact when you do a search for them. They just list all their models and leave you to do all the research by yourself, which usually entails visiting every single page for every single model to figure out the dimensions for yourself!

Problem solved!

I just did all that hard work for you by checking all the top rated small sized models over at Amazon and finding the best five in my own opinion according to their "smallness"; features; customer feedback; quality and price. My findings are below:

Top Five Smallest Fridge Models

I chose small sized apartment sized compact fridges that are fully functional and useful rather than show you a bunch of tiny and next-to-useless office style mini-bar fridges that you can't get more than a few cans of soda or beer in and precious little besides. The models you'll see below are either under-counter cubes or taller super slim units.

In some cases they're full height so they'll slide into narrow spaces while maintaining enough capacity to store food, drinks and even some frozen goods that will keep you happy for a few days comfortably.

Smallest and Most Popular:

Let's start with one of the most popular small fridges currently on sale at Amazon. It's one of the smallest models with a large enough capacity to be useful while taking up very little space.

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Midea WHS-65LB1

smallest refrigerator with a freezer
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This is a compact, single reversible door fridge and freezer with a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and is one of the most popular models on sale right now at Amazon. There is a small internal chiller compartment that acts as a mini-freezer that you can see from the additional image I have of the unit here:

This model has a lot of 5 star reviews from hundreds of happy owners. While being very compact, is still big enough inside to store several meals worth of food and some drinks plus a small chiller compartment for ice and anything small you want to freeze short term.

The unit's dimensions are:

You can buy this unit online from Amazon by clicking the image above or the link below it.


Small is definitely beautiful in this respect, as kitchen space it generally at a premium but more especially so when it's small. Then you really do need to plan carefully to maximize the available space.

Depending upon the design of your kitchen, one of the above models may be the perfect match or at least fit in with the available space allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of food cooling and keeping in a small, compact area.

It makes perfect sense to keep the size of appliances to sympathetic dimensions of the room and the bonus is lower energy usage and cheaper electricity bills!

Posted: October 8, 2023

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