Dining Room

The dining room is an important place for the family to get together and share a meal as well as just being a boring old place to eat.

It can be a really cozy, comfortable space even in a small home with nice furniture and décor that creates a relaxing and inviting space to come and enjoy a meal.

dining roomIn this section of the website, I'll be covering several points of interest that can help to make a plain, functional room become transformed into a really vibrant and welcoming place where eating can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

I'll be adding articles on the various aspects of what you'll find in this room in the home from furniture choices to lighting, colors and textures as well as ideas for adding those little things that make it special.

Table and Chairs

Of course the main focal point of the average room where the family eats their meals is the dining table and the chairs that are strategically placed around it.

These come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, designs and colors to make each and every mealtime a special occasion.

While being functional and certainly necessary, a table needs to be sturdy and large enough to accommodate the family's place settings as well as have plenty of space in the center for additional plates with side dishes, meats and vegetables and just about all kinds of sauces, gravies and other additions that make a meal into a real feast.

Plates and Cutlery

Depending on the layout of your home, the plates and items of cutlery need to be stored somewhere when they're not being used. If the dining area is quite small, a narrow unit on one wall can often suffice while less used items can be stored in kitchen cupboards and other storage areas to avoid clutter.

Making the most of storage space for tableware can be an art form in itself. That's especially when the size of your room is small or if you need to make do with utilizing a corner of your main living area to eat in.

It's an important room in your home, no matter how small it may be, but making the right design choices can make it even more special. However you achieve it, congratulate yourself on your clever planning and storing skills because they can be a real bonus when dining room space is scarce.

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Posted: October 8, 2023

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